Autor Thema: Barzahl der Originales Servopumpe Delco Remy 1956  (Gelesen 954 mal)

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Barzahl der Originales Servopumpe Delco Remy 1956
« am: 02. 04. 2015, 11:24:25 »
Weiß jemand die Barzahl der Originalen Delco Remy Lenkhilfe Pumpe von 1956 ?? Die Modell Nummer Lautet : 1102115  Serial : 8M22
12 Volts .

WÀre echt Super wenn Ihr mir Helfen könntet :)

GrĂŒĂŸe , Thomas Dahmen
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Re: Barzahl der Originales Servopumpe Delco Remy 1956
« Antwort #1 am: 02. 04. 2015, 17:29:35 »
Hallo Thomas,

habe folgendes gefunden:

Checking Pump pressure.
1) disconnecd the Pressure line at the Pump Connection (smallest top line)
    CAUTION: Some fluid will leak out when the line is disconnecd so provision must be made to collect this Drainage.
2) Install checking gauge Tool 5176(with gauge valve closed) on the pump and hose connection.
    NOTE: Adapter kit 5900 must be used to adapt pressure gauge to pump.
3) Open the gauge valve and run engiene at idle.
4) turn wheels (on ground) against stops. Pressure should not be less than 750psi.
5) If pressure is less than 750psi, slowly Close gauge valve observing gauge for pressure increase. Pressure will
    increase as valve is closed if pump is good.
    CAUTION: Do not leave valve closed for more than 15 seconds.
6) If pressure doesnot increase when the Valve is closed, difficulty is in the pump, with must be removed for Service.
7) Shut engine off, remove gauge and valve, reconnect hose to pumpif pressure is O.K.
8  Bleed hydraulic system of air as outlined under "Bleeding hydraulic System".

Vielleicht hilft es dir weiter.

Gruß Peter

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